Caldi - I2C PyroInfraRed Grid Array Sensor

Caldi lets you "see" an 8x8 array of heat sensors via communication on the standard I2C bus. Caldi uses the new Pansonic "Grid-EYE" Pyro-Infra-Red Array Sensor, for low resolution thermal imaging.

Grid-EYE Sensor

Caldi Features:

  • I2C - Two-Wire Interface
  • 8x8 PIR Array Sensor
  • 3.3 Volt or 5.0 Volt stuffing options
  • Arduino Sketch Available

PEWA "Grid-EYE" Introduction:

Note Bene:

The Panasonic Grid-EYE Sensor is a U.S. Government controlled semiconductor, due to it's accuracy. It can only be purchased is the U.S. at Digi-Key. Consequently we do not offer this as a completed product, due to the U.S. Government paperwork involved, however bare boards will be available for purchase. (Or you can download the PCB Gerbers from the Github repo and order your very own PCB's for educational & experimentation purposes...)

Panasonic Grid-EYE Sensor Documentation:


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