Portland Mini-Maker Faire

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, Saute it, whatever. MAKE.

—Josh Whedon

Thank You to everyone who stopped in at Booth 18 and said hello! We were very pleased that we had visitors from Canada to Mexico stop in, as well as many old and new friends from all over the Portland/Vancouver area.

The kids really liked the LED lighting and motor control demonstrations we were doing, and a lot of the kids asked interesting questions about how the circuits worked and what they did. It was a lot of fun, and our very first time at a Maker Faire. Fortunately the weather held, and we only had a few sprinkles of rain on Sunday morning, and the weather cleared up in the morning. We'll have to try to make it down to the big Maker Faire in San Francisco next year...

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