BridgerSoc - control and monitor your world!

BridgerSoc lets you control (or monitor) switches, relays, lights, LEDs, LED string lights, stepper motors, and more! BridgerSoc (System-On-Chip) can directly control sixteen (16) high power darlington outputs, based on analog/digital inputs, such as sensors, switches, or potentiometers - simple to use for your projects, with no programming required. BridgerSoc works with any Arduino CPU as a shield, but it doesn't need one to work standalone.

BridgerSoc has sixteen (16) programmable digital blocks, and twelve (12) progammable analog blocks that come pre-programmed for a variety of uses, so it is ready to use right out of the box. It also includes a Command Line Interface (CLI) that gives you the ability to control it right from a terminal or the programming language of your choice, making it very easy to get started.

Using a set of configuration jumpers, you can interface to the BridgerSoc using simple switches or sensors, so anyone can use it without having to learn how to program. If you want to control Bridger from a program you can use the UART (CLI), I2C/Two-Wire Bus, or the SPI interface - giving you the maximum flexibility to configure your other shields without I/O conflicts.

BridgerSoc - Board Features :

  • System-on-Chip Standalone Mode (Switches/Analog Inputs Control the Outputs)
  • Arduino Uno/Leonardo/Mega/Due Compatible Shield
  • Selectable 3.3Volt-5.0Volt Operation
  • Sixteen (16) high power darlington control outputs
  • Seven (7) analog inputs (sensors, potentiometers)
  • Five (5) digital inputs (switches, sensors)
  • UART, I2C, SPI, RS-485/DMX Interfaces
  • Selectable mode of operation (Manual or Interface/Shield controlled)

It's called the "BridgerSoc", because it is the "bridge" between what you want to control, and how you want to control it. The BridgerSoc uses a Programmable System-on-Chip that can read read inputs from sensors, switches, potentiometers, or other analog inputs and use those inputs to control the outputs of your choice. The video above is the first in a series that will show you how to use the BridgerSoc to control lights, relays, motors, or other devices.

BridgerSoc - Simple Control Application Examples

  • Home/Office Lighting Control
  • Outdoor/Vehicle Lighting Control
  • Relay control (watering, pump control)
  • Warning Light On if (garage door open/water in basement/etc.)
  • Sensor/Motion Controlled lights and devices
  • Architectural/TV Backlight control


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